Lilly Winter is a movement director, multi-disciplinary artist and activist.
Focusing on using somatic movement to access authentic expression, Lilly skilfully unlocks the power of storytelling that transcends language. As a seasoned dancer and DJ, she understands rhythm and how to tap into feeling into the body's intelligence to express connection. As a skilled editor, she is then able to creatively curate raw footage into a symphony of visuals, each frame creating momentum into a cohesive story. 
The nature of Lilly's multi-disciplinary practice grew out of traveling the world solo in the face of personal difficulties surrounding home, stability and breaking free from inherited patterns. Using her camera to capture layers of complex perspectives, her work explores existential questions about family, relationships and what 'home' really is. 
Her imagery invites the viewer to participate in critical dialogue, to explore the wonder of the natural world and reflect on our place within it. Lilly works from the belief that creative thought, practice and discourse are critical for growth, connection and intentional movement in the world.
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